Goldbug Creative

About Me

Creative Producer. 

Writer and script consultant.

Homemade popcorn enthusiast.

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All about those bangs.

As a creative producer, I know that memorable content is borne from finely-crafted stories and meticulous vision. I live for breaking the rules of formulaic storytelling, and bring to my projects a profound understanding of story, character and psychology. My breadth of international filmmaking experience provides strategy and insight for delivering innovative projects—from feature films to branded content—to audiences around the world. 

I have been an integral part of the creative and producing teams for several Oscar- and award-winning films including Pan’s Labyrinth, Cutie & The Boxer, The Lunchbox, Casting By and Children of Men. I’ve collaborated with acclaimed storytellers Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro, Mira Nair, Marshall Curry, Tom Donahue and Haruki Murakami, among others. 

I produce award-winning branded content for companies, brands and studios such as Washington Post’s BrandStudio, Slate, Facebook and MediaCom. I have also developed and produced content and commercials for a variety of companies and organizations. 

Before producing under my own banner of Goldbug Creative, I was a Development and Production Executive for esteemed international companies such as Cuarón’s Esperanto Filmoj, dynamoCapital, BN Films, and CineMosaic.

In addition to producing and consulting, I write feature film scripts and have co-written a television pilot. 

I live on the same block in Kensington, Brooklyn where my great-grandparents owned a candy store in the 1920s & 30s, and if that sounds cool to you, too, you and I will get along fine. 

When I’m not caught up with words and pictures, I spend my time cooking, crafting, hiking and cycling around the world or just snuggling my cats.